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Odessa turned four, my big brother turned 40, and my dad is turning 70.

Dad says that at this stage of life, it feels like "living in high-definition." In the recent NYTimes profile on artist Bjork, she said her new album, "Volta," was inspired by his book "The Alphabet vs. The Goddess:" The Conflict Between Word and Image. A handstand of love for you, Dad.

In honor of his 70th, please write a post on his birthday tribute site if you were influenced by his ideas.

I've been thinking a lot about the terms "Carbon Footprints" and "Carbon Offset."
Seems like we need to offset a lot more than carbon. Perhaps what the world needs now is some "Karmic Offset."

Starting some new things this summer:
I've been asked to be a Henry Crown Fellow at The Aspen Institute. It's a three year program that will bring a group of us to Aspen twice a year to think and act on global issues. It will be a terrific foundation to continue developing our new film, which explores connections among genetics, economics, religion, the environment, mercury, botox, biology, networks and honey bees. I will be giving a talk on the new film at the Idea Festival this fall.

The Tribe will be in movie theaters this summer in LA at the Laemmle Downtown Theater starting July 27th and will by released by Emerging Pictures in other cities. We had some great screenings of The Tribe recently at places from the Apple Store in Soho, NYC to Warsaw, Poland. The film won the Grand Jury Prize at Florida Film Festival, Best Short Doc at Very Short Movies Fest, and First Prize at the Warsaw Film Festival. Highlights and screening times can be found at

In related flips and turns...
Ken was appointed Director of the Berkeley Center for New Media. A great opportunity to activate both of his hemispheres.

The 11th Annual Webby Awards were handed out in NYC to hundreds of websites along with the founders of YouTube, The Beastie Boys, and David Bowie.

Just finished reading a great new book: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Perfect summer reading. Highly recommend it.

In this popsicle weather, I'm also making sure to spend lots of time gardening with Odessa. Stop. Plant. Smell.

Lots of you are working on your own gardens and handstands in the form of books, films, websites, and events.

Check out the recommended list below:

Warm summer regards,



Table of Contents (Details all further down)

- The Sippy Cups Summerlove Tour 2007
- Artist Margaret Tedesco's free talk at SF Art Institute, July 21
- Porchlight Anniversary Party, August 2
- The Idea Festival, September 13-15

- Making Trouble at the SF Jewish Film Festival July 26
- PBS's Rerelease of Eyes on the Prize on DVD
- Documentary Sicko by Michael Moore in theaters
- Documentary Crazy Love by Dan Klores in theaters

- relaunches site and magazine
- The Kitchen Sisters launch NPR series "Hidden Kitchens Texas"
- Great new blog:
- Brilliant Internet/film critique site:
- Community voice site:
- Parenting site:
- Things to do in your city:

- Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
- Hooked by Matt Richtel
- Canteen, a new literary magazine




The Sippy Cups Summerlove Tour 2007

ImageThe Sippy Cups, dubbed "the Flaming Lips of the toddler set" are launching their biggest tour yet with Summerlove 2007. Upcoming tour stops include Vienna (VA), Philadelphia, NY, Walnut Creek (CA), Chicago, Cleveland, Mountain View (CA), San Mateo (CA), Austin, and Dallas.
"Every parent's favorite kid rock band and quite possibly the illegitimate offspring of The Cat in the Hat and Joey Ramone."


Artist Margaret Tedesco at SF Art Institute July 21

ImagePart of San Francisco Art Institute's free summer lecture series, Saturdays at 3pm. Margaret Tedesco’s work encompasses performance, installation, photography, sculpture, and video. Recent projects involve the cinematic apparatus, structures of filmic narrative, diegetic space, subject positioning, translation, and identification with use of single frames, loops, and flip books.
Saturday, July 21, 3pm
SFAI Graduate Lecture Hall (2565 Third Street @ 22nd), SF


Porchlight Anniversary Party

ImageA great series featuring some provocative Bay Area storytellers, Porchlight will be celebrating their 5th anniversary at the Swedish American Hall.
August 2
Doors 7pm, Storytelling 7:30pm
Tickets $15


Talk on our new film at The Idea Festival

ImageThe Idea Festival is a 3 day event bringing together thinkers including Ray Bradbury, Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

They've asked me to speak about our new film in development as well as screen past films. Our new film, discussion, and Internet project reveals connections between honey bees, fertility, crime, Botox, bacteria, ethical codes, computer codes, genetic codes, dress codes, and an array of other elements, illuminating the surprising links of our actions in the 21st Century.




Making Trouble at the SF Jewish Film Festival July 26

ImageWest coast premiere! Making Trouble tells the story of six of the greatest female comic performers of the last century -- Molly Picon, Fanny Brice, Sophie Tucker, Joan Rivers, Gilda Radner, and Wendy Wasserstein. Hosted by four of today's funniest women, it's the true saga of what it means to be Jewish, female, and funny.
July 26, 8:30pm, Castro Theatre
July 26 – Aug 5 in SF, Berkeley, Palo Alto, and San Rafael
Tickets: or call 925.275-9490.


PBS's Rerelease of Eyes on the Prize on DVD

ImageAfter years of copyright and funding struggles, PBS is rereleasing the monumental documentary series about the glory years of the American Civil Rights Movement, starting in 1952 with the murder of Emmit Till and the subsequent trial and ending with the civil rights march to Selma in 1965. Along the way, the series touches on the major figures of the movement such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and major incidents such as the Little Rock school riots and Montgomery, Alabama Transit Boycott.
Buy on Amazon


Documentary Sicko by Michael Moore in theaters

ImageThis film could start a revolution. I hope a presidential candidate steps up to the plate and puts Universal Heath Care at the top of the "To Do" list. This film will appeal to people on both sides of the political fence. I highly recommend it. Synopisis: After detailing just how the system got into such a mess (the short answer: profits and Nixon), we are whisked around the world, visiting countries including Canada, Great Britain and France, where all citizens receive free medical benefits. Finally, Moore gathers a group of 9/11 heroes – rescue workers now suffering from debilitating illnesses who have been denied medical attention in the US. He takes them to a most unexpected place, and in addition to finally receiving care, they also engage in some unexpected diplomacy.


Documentary Crazy Love by Dan Klores in theaters

ImageI saw this film at Sundance and it blew me away. It's just as provocative and disturbing as Capturing the Friedmans. Dan Klores' Crazy Love tells the astonishing story of the obsessive roller-coaster relationship of Burt and Linda Pugach, which shocked the nation during the summer of 1959. Burt, a 32-year-old married attorney and Linda, a beautiful, single, 20-yar-old girl living in the Bronx, had a whirlwind romance which culminated in a violent and psychologically complex set of actions that landed the pair's saga on the cover of endless newspapers and magazines.




Ode Magazine relaunches site and magazine

ImageThis is that magazine you were always looking for. Ode was founded in the spring of 1995 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands as an alternative to mainstream publications, focusing on positive news happening around the globe. The site is rich with magazine content, blogs, social networking and user generated content - submit your own stories of inspiration and change, converse with readers across the globe, "be the change you want to see."


Kitchen Sisters launch NPR series "Hidden Kitchens Texas"

ImageHidden Kitchens Texas a new special narrated by Willie Nelson, comes to NPR stations nationwide this summer. Stories of NASA's space kitchens, oil barrel barbeques, ice houses, cowboy kitchens, Christian kitchens, oystermen on Galveston Bay. The birth of the Frito, the birth of the 7-11, the birth of the Frozen Margarita,the first barbeque on the moon,the tamale lady at Fuel City in Dallas, a restaurant tucked down a driveway in Ft Worth, a carwash kitchen in El Paso, the garage kitchens of the Vietnamese in Houston, cotton pickers' kitchens, biodiesel kitchens and so much more. All the big issues play out in these Texas kitchen stories -- oil, land, food, family, elders, work, war, immigration.
Click here for info, radio times, and downloads


Great new blog:

ImageReality Sandwich, created by Ken Jordan, covers topics from sustainability to shamanism, alternate realities to alternative energy, remixing media to re-imagining community, holistic healing techniques to the promise and perils of new technologies. It hopes to spark debate and engagement by offering a forum for voices ranging from the ecologically pragmatic to the wildly visionary. Reality Sandwich includes news, reflective essays, arts, interviews, podcasts, and forums. Counteracting the doom-and-gloom of the daily news, the site is a platform for perspectives conveying a different vision of the transformations we face.


Brilliant Internet/film critique site:

Scott Kirsner creates his is a fantastic blog about the intersection of film and the Internet. It's one of my favorites. CinemaTech focuses on how new technologies are changing cinema - the way movies get made, discovered, marketed, distributed, shown, and seen. (With occasional forays into other parts of the entertainment economy.)


Community voice site:

ImageOne Economy’s new social media web property, is designed to give people a voice in their community by providing them with the tools to create content and engage with others on issues important to them. Townhall is currently hosting (through webcast and open forum) an ongoing discussion about poverty in America.


Parenting Site:

ImageA humor magazine targeted at parents and parent-aged people. This
grew out of Neal Pollack’s latest book, Alternadad, and his ideas that there could be better things for parents to do online than to post and/or consume twee pictures of babies and kittens. There are columns on politics, celebrity news, literature and, you know, parenting. Oh, and shopping, if you shop for things like strollers.


Things to do in your city:

The Datevine is a resource for great ideas of things to do in a given city - not only restaurants and bars, the stuff you can find on any city listings site, but also the quirky things that only locals really know and which are hard out about to find if you don’t already know what you are looking for, or that maven you always ask for inspiration happens to be out of town.




Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

ImageJust finished this book, and highly recommend it for a great summer read...funny and insightful.
At 30, Elizabeth Gilbert had everything a modern, educated, ambitious American woman was supposed to want— a husband, a house in the country, a successful career. But instead of feeling happy and fulfilled, she was consumed with panic, grief and confusion. She went through a divorce, a crushing depression, another failed love and the complete eradication of every-thing she ever thought she was supposed to be. To recover from all of this, Gilbert took a radical step, got rid of her belongings, quit her job, left her loved ones behind and undertook a year-long journey around the world, all alone. Eat, Pray, Love is the absorbing chronicle of that year.
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilberg


Hooked by Matt Richtel

ImageThis book is next on my list to read. Love Matt's writing for the NYTimes. Hooked: Nat Idle, a San Francisco writer with a medical degree, narrowly survives an explosion in an Internet café after a stranger hands him a note warning him to exit immediately. The handwriting on the note belongs to his deceased girlfriend, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist whom he has obsessively been mourning. So begins HOOKED, a pop thriller for the Internet Age, written with the force of an adrenaline rush and the pace of an intimate email dispatch you can’t stop reading. Each chapter of this novel will keep readers hooked as Nat Idle searches for the love of his life in the midst of manipulation and conspiracy.


New literary magazine Canteen

ImageA new quarterly literary magazine that departs from the bland design and production values that define traditional literary magazines. Canteen focuses on the creative process—how and why writers and artists create—often asking writers to venture outside their usual genres. Founded by a poet, a professional poker player, a photographer and a corporate lawyer turned designer.
In the first issue:
• Andrew Sean Greer confesses to his secret childhood novels
• Po Bronson discusses a suicidal reader
• Julie Orringer analyzes her magnetic poetry
• Chef Dennis Leary envisions restaurants of the future
• And new fiction, poetry, and art...

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