Breakfast @ Tiffany's: Spring 2016 Newsletter

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Happy almost spring. To those of you new to this list, I send a quarterly newsletter with films, books, events, and other things I’m finding inspiring and interesting, as well as projects my film team and I are working on.

Right now it feels like everything around me is about cycles -- seeing new cycles of life bursting forth on the trees, and appreciating the perspective that comes from more years passing by.

Our youngest, Blooma, is almost seven years old (sigh), which is also the number of years we’ve been doing our “Technology Shabbats,” where we turn off all screens for one day every week. Doing something for that long changes you in unusual ways. Our eldest Odessa, almost thirteen, is becoming a bat mitzvah: a huge rite of passage that we are also trying to reimagine in unusual ways.

I met Ken at the same time I started The Webby Awards...which is now having its 20th Anniversary in NYC this spring. Wowza.

Our nonprofit Let It Ripple is having our third annual free Global Character Day on Sept 22, 2016, where people all over the world will screen films, engage with discussion materials, and join a global Q&A about character: who we are and who we want to be in the world. It seems just by listening to what’s happening in the US and the world, there has never been a more relevant time to have this conversation. We hope you’ll join. The Character Day sign-up form just went live.

To looking at life simultaneously through the rear view mirror and that big front windshield.



*All Details Below Table of Contents*

Events to Experience

(by date)

Outward Bound City Skyline Challenge - SF | March 17 - 18
Dave Eggers Art Show IDAHO - SF | until May 7
Michael Joaquin Grey Art Show - Victoria & Albert Museum, London | Today - July 3 
Tribeca Film Festival - NY | April 13 - 24
Yael Kanarek Art Show Bitforms Art Gallery - NY | April 12 - May 22
San Francisco International Film Festival -SF| April 23 - May 7
Capacitor Performances - Fort Mason Center, SF | April 1 - 10
Krista Tippett at JCCSF Arts and Ideas - SF | April 16
The Gray Area Festival - SF | April 21 - 24
Art Market San Francisco - SF | April 27 - May 1
HOW Design Conference - Atlanta, Georgia | May 19 - 23
Black Maria Film Festival - NJ | until May 20
Labshul NYC Gala for Rabbi Amichai - NY | May 25
Headlands Center for the Arts Auction - SF | June 1
West Coast Craft - Fort Mason Center, SF | June 11 - 12
Wonder Women Tech Conference - Long Beach, CA | July 15 - 17
The Festival of Positive Education - Dallas, TX | July 18 - 20

Books to Read


In Her Own Sweet Time, 2nd edition by Rachel Lehmann-Haupt
You Belong to the Universe by Jonathon Keats
How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims
In a Different Key by John Donvan
The Builders Association by Shannon Jackson & Marianne Weems
The Prime Book 
by Peter Freed
The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross
Gratitude by Oliver Sacks

Films/Shows to Watch


The 20th Annual Webby Awards
City of Gold - Directed by Laura Gabbert 
Here Come the Videofreex - Directed by Jenny Raskin
Trapped directed by Dawn Porter
HAVEABABY directed by Amanda Micheli

Things to Check Out


Elana Jagoda Seder Song Revival
New Berkeley Art Museum
BayKids Studios
The Kibitz Podcast
Refugee Library in a Box
Hope House
The Contender Card Game
Truth Circle Card Game
Mill Valley Walking Stick Company
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Outward Bound City Skyline Challenge
March 17 - 18 | San Francisco, CA

City Skyline Challenge
Outward Bound

This falls into the category of "do things that scare me." I believe in Outward Bound and I am rappelling down a building for them, oy. If you are in SF, this should be very entertaining;) -t
"The City Skyline Challenge is about more than just the thrill of rappelling 230 feet from the roof of the Hyatt Regency in downtown San Francisco. It’s your opportunity to give back to the community and empower young people through challenges and the unique experiential educational opportunities that Outward Bound California has to offer."
find out more

Dave Eggers Art Show IDAHO
Feb 11 - May 7 | San Francisco, CA

Dave Eggers IDAHO

Loved seeing my friend Dave share his paintings. Although most people know of him for just brilliant writing, art was a big part of his background and course of study. Kudos to curator Natasha Boas to make this show happen at the Jules Maeght Gallery. -t

"Eggers has been known for his works on paper and wood that usually involve renderings of animals paired with text. This new show vastly expands Eggers’s repertoire to include sculptures made of steel and fur, interactive kinetic works, oil on canvas, acrylic on wood, and installation."

find out more

Michael Joaquin Grey
Botticelli Reimagined
March 5 - July 3 | Victoria & Albert Museum, London 

Botticelli Reimagined

Michael's work is so evocative. Those of you on the other side of the Atlantic, check out his interpretation of Botticelli along with many other artists. -t

"Telling a story 500 years in the making, Botticelli Reimagined will be the largest Botticelli exhibition in Britain since 1930. Including painting, fashion, film, drawing, photography, tapestry, sculpture and print, the exhibition will explore the ways that artists and designers have reinterpreted Botticelli."

find out more

Tribeca Film Festival
April 13 - 24 | NY


The Tribeca Film Festival is such a fantastic festival. I love playing films there and it always feels like family.
They have their big 15 year anniversary this year with many brilliant films. -t

“The Tribeca Film Festival, now in its 15th year, brings together visionaries across industries and diverse audiences to celebrate the power of storytelling. Founded by Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff in 2001, following the attacks on the World Trade Center, Tribeca has evolved from an annual event to spur the economic and cultural revitalization of lower Manhattan to a gathering place for filmmakers, artists, innovators, and the global creative community.”

Yael Kanarek Art Show
April 12 - May 22 | Bitforms Art Gallery, NY

Yael Kanerek
Yael's artwork and her text jewelry are so interesting and beautiful. Can't wait to see her new show. -t

Yael Kanarek's fifth solo exhibition with bitforms gallery will feature a selection from twenty years of World of Awe, including never-before-seen paintings from the mid-90s. These paintings initiated a hypertext-hypermedia narrative that examines a complex lover affair with technology.


SF International Film Festival 
April 23 - May 7

SF Film Festival  

A wonderful festival in my hometown. Noah Cowan at the helm and Rachel Rosen heading up programming. It's going to be a good one. -t

“The longest-running film festival in the Americas, SFIFF is recognized throughout the world as an extraordinary showcase of cinematic discovery in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.”

Capacitor Performances
April 1 - 10 | Fort Mason Center, SF


Jodi's creative direction always inspires me. We had them perform at the 5th annual Webby Awards at the SF Opera House and it was stunning. -t

"When We Were Small - Capacitor dancers and contortionists present a surreal reflection on childhood at Fort Mason Center's Gallery."
find out more

Krista Tippett at JCCSF Arts and Ideas
Becoming Wise In Conversation with Tiffany Shlain
April 16 | San Francisco, CA

Krista Tippett

Krista Tippet is a brilliant soul...I was honored to recently be interviewed for her show (will be posted soon) and I cannot wait to interview her about her new book on stage at the SFJCC on 4-19. -t

“The author of Speaking of Faith: Why Religion Matters—and How to Talk About It and Einstein’s God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit, her latest book is Becoming Wise, a master class in living gleaned from the inspiring stories of individuals who possess what she calls “spiritual genius,” the strength to meet the world where it really is, and then to make it even better.”
find out more

The Gray Area Festival
April 21 - 24 | San Francisco, CA

Gray Area Festival

I'll be giving a keynote here on the "Edges of Storytelling" -exploring all sorts of
exhilarating projects that push the boundaries of art and technology. -t

“A conference, performances, workshops and an exhibition surveying culture through the lens of art and technology.”

Art Market San Francisco
April 27 - May 1 | Fort Mason Center, SF

Art Market San Francisco

Art. SF. Yum. -t

“Art Market San Francisco will return to the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion this spring to celebrate its sixth edition. Following record breaking sales, city-wide partnerships, and attendance of over 25,000 visitors in 2015, the 2016 edition of Art Market San Francisco is pleased to present a significant selection of contemporary and modern artworks from returning Art Market exhibitors and exciting newcomers.”

HOW Design Conference
May 19 - 23 | Atlanta, GA

How Design

This is a great conference. Looking forward to speaking there again this year with the insightful Debbie Millman, Stefan Sagmeister and many more... -t

Radical thinkers from business and design. Creators from the intersection of art, culture and entertainment. HOW Live is The largest gathering of creative professionals and designers…
find out more

Black Maria Film Festival
Until May 20 | New Jersey

Black Maria Film Festival

 We were honored to have our film The Making of a Mensch receive the Global Insights Award this year. We had The Tribe play here - 
It's one of my favorites festivals for shorts. -t

"Black Maria is an international juried competition. We have embraced our mission for 35 years by focusing on short films including those which address issues and struggles within contemporary society. Our touring programs always include provocative works. Black Maria shines a light on environmental responsibility, race and class, and social justice."

find out more

Labshul NYC Gala for Rabbi Amichai
May 25 | New York


Amichai Lau-Lavie is one of the most magical and spiritual thinkers I know. He has helped me rethink many Jewish ideas. I'll be cheering him on with many friends in NYC for his official ordination. Those of you jewish and in NYC, join us. -t

"After five years of rabbinical studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Amichai Lau-Lavie will be ordained as a rabbi this coming May. Amichai is the 39th generation of a distinguished consecutive line of rabbinic leaders dating back to the 11th century."

Headlands Center for the Arts Auction
June 1 | San Francisco

Headlands Center For the Arts Headlands Art Auction

Headlands is a creative home to so many of us. I always find great art at their auction. Love supporting their ongoing mission to support artists. -t

“Headlands’ Benefit Art Auction is our biggest fundraising event, and one of the Bay Area’s favorite venues for cutting-edge art. Save the date for an evening of wine & cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, entertainment, and live & silent auctions featuring work from leading contemporary artists. Tickets coming soon!."
find out more

West Coast Craft
June 11 - 12 | San Francisco, CA

West Coast Craft

If you are into crafts, this is a cornucopia of crafting and feels like the set of Portlandia. -t

"West Coast Craft is a juried exhibition of artist and designer craftsmen and women inspired by the mood and aesthetics of the West Coast lifestyle."

find out more

Wonder Women Tech Conference
July 15 - 17 | Long Beach, CA

Wonder Women
They had me at "Wonder Women." -t

“Wonder Women Tech (WWT) is a conference franchise and series of educational programming that highlights, celebrates and educates women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) and innovation."

The Festival of Positive Education
July 18 - 20 | Dallas, TX

Festival of Positive Education

 This is such an important convening of thinkers around positive psychology and education. Can't wait to participate. -t

“The inaugural Festival of Positive Education is a three-day event for educators, academics, policymakers and parents who seek to help create a new kind of education that promotes both academic achievement and character development. ”


In Her Own Sweet Time, 2nd Edition
by Rachel Lehmann-Haupt

In Her Own Sweet Time

Rachel's story is not only courageous but shines a light on new frontiers of fertility and science. -t

"A trailblazing memoir about the new choices women face as they are trying to balance career, love and family.”

find out more

You Belong to the Universe
by Jonathon Keats 

You Belong to the Universe

Jonathon Keats illuminates how Fuller’s daring mind predicted the Internet, MOOCs, Netflix, and much more. -t

“A self-professed "comprehensive anticipatory design scientist," the inventor Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) was undoubtedly a visionary. Fuller's creations often bordered on the realm of science fiction, ranging from the freestanding geodesic dome to the three-wheel Dymaxion car to a bathroom requiring neither plumbing nor sewage.”
find out more

How to Raise an Adult
by Julie Lythcott-Haims

How to Raise an Adult

Julie's insights on parenting are essential. Every parent should read this book. -t

"I wrote this book because too many adolescents and young adults seem to be on a path of someone else's making, while being subjected to a lot of hovering and lot of help to ensure that particular path is walked, all in furtherance of a very limited and narrow definition of 'success.' I come at this issue from the dual vantage points of former university dean and parent of two teenagers, and with great empathy for humans." —Julie Lythcott-Haims

find out more


In a Different Key
by John Donvan

In a Different Key

The chapter in this book about my Aunt Connie and Uncle Harvey's journey and work to gain government support for their 48 year old autistic son and autistic people everywhere brought me to tears. They are two of my heroes. This is a comprehensive book on autism. -t

 "Nearly seventy-five years ago, Donald Triplett of Forest, Mississippi, became the first child diagnosed with autism. Beginning with his family’s odyssey, In a Different Key tells the extraordinary story of this often misunderstood condition, and of the civil rights battles waged by the families of those who have it."

find out more

The Builders Association
by Shannon Jackson & Marianne Weems

The Builders Association

I've always found the shows of the Builders Association haunting and provocative-- I can’t wait to read their whole journey in this book. -t 

"This book begins with the building of a house, and the building of a company while building the house. It expands to look at the ideas found in various rooms, some of which expanded into virtual space while they still were grounded in the lives of the artists in the house."

The Prime Book 
by Peter Freed

The Prime Book

Enjoyed writing an essay for this book and being photographed in such a raw manner...aka no hat or red lipstick;) It's a powerful anthology. -t

"The Prime Book is a collection of extraordinary women in their prime, seen through the lens of one of America’s quintessential image-makers. Compelling for photography collectors, admirers of contemporary photography and champions of self-worth and beauty."

find out more


The Industries of the Future
by Alec Ross

The Industries of the Future

Alec Ross always has his finger on the pulse. Looking forward to hearing his thoughts on the future. -t

"Leading innovation expert Alec Ross explains what’s next for the world: the advances and stumbling blocks that will emerge in the next ten years, and how we can navigate them."
find out more


by Oliver Sacks


There are few things as important as gratitude. This is a beautiful short book of essays from
one of the great thinkers who just left us, Oliver Sacks. -t

"My predominant feeling is one of gratitude. I have loved and been loved. I have been given much and I have given something in return. Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure.” —Oliver Sacks

find out more


The 20th Annual Webby Awards

Webby Awards

Nominees will be announced April 5th and stay tuned for info on how you can watch the live stream of the show.
I can't believe it's been 20 years. -t
"Established in 1996 during the Web’s infancy, The Webbys is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) — a 1,000+ member judging body."


City of Gold
Directed by Laura Gabbert

City of Gold

All people who love food must see this movie. A beautiful film by Laura Gabbert about LA food critic Jonathan Gold. It’s playing in select theaters around the country. -t

"Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Jonathan Gold casts his light upon a vibrant and growing cultural movement in which he plays the dual roles of high-low priest and culinary geographer of his beloved Los Angeles."


Here Come the Videofreex
Directed by Jenny Raskin

Here come the video freex

Those of you in New York definitely check out Jenny Raskin's new film. Happy it's opening at the Roxie Theater in SF this Friday. -t

“In the 1960s and 70s the Videofreex blazed a trail for truly alternative media. Tapping into a treasure trove of recently restored Videofreex tapes, including interviews with icons like Fred Hampton and Abbie Hoffman, Here Come the Videofreex charts the path of this underground video collective, from their time traveling the countercultural beat for CBS News to the establishment of their radically local pirate television station in Lanesville, New York.”

directed by Dawn Porter


This is such a huge important topic. Please find a way to watch Dawn's film and stay posted through their website. -t

"Since 2010, 288 laws regulating abortion providers have been passed by state legislatures. In total, 44 states and the District of Columbia have measures subjecting abortion providers to legal restrictions not imposed on other medical professionals. Unable to comply with these far-reaching and medically unnecessary laws, clinics have taken their fight to the courts."

find out more

directed by Amanda Micheli


I loved Micheli's film about female stunt doubles, "Double Dare." I'm looking forward to seeing this new film about IVF that premieres at Tribeca. -t

"Some think an IVF contest sounds crazy, but countless Americans desperate to start a family believe this social media experiment is their only hope. With intimate access to divers characters on this excruciating rollercoaster, HAVEABABY repositions reproductive choice and explores how we cope with desire and loss."


Seder Song Revival 
Elana Jagoda Passover Music

Passover Music

Elena Pagoda makes the most beautiful, spiritual, Jewish music. My family loves her music. -t
find out more

New Berkeley Art Museum

Berkeley Art Museum

I just visited the New UCBerkeley Art Museum and it's a sight to behold. Definitely check it out. -t

"BAMPFA, the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, is the visual arts center of the University of California, Berkeley. Our mission is to inspire the imagination and ignite critical dialogue through art and film."

find out more

BayKids Studios


This is a truly innovative program for children with illnesses. -t

"Our mission is to empower children facing medical challenges to express themselves through the art of filmmaking. Our success is seen in a child’s joyful dance, the confidence of a budding director, and the proud smile of an award-winning young filmmaker. Over 5,000 children and families have participated in our innovative programs."

find out more

 The Kibitz Podcast

The Kibitz Podcast

I'm loving this new podcast. -t

“Welcome to The Kibitz podcast! Your guide to everything Jewish-ish. Part conversation, part Q & A, part audience call-in, this podcast is about asking interesting questions, some big, many little and exploring all you’ve ever wanted to know about Judaism through a cultural and of course funny lens.”

Refugee Library in a Box


Refugee Library in a Box

This is a very specific way to help refugees. -t

“The Ideas Box provides individuals and communities isolated by disaster the tools to read, write, create and communicate. Each box unfolds to create a customized library and media center, with internet access and its own power source. Easily transportable, sturdy, and simple to set up, the Ideas Box empowers communities to construct an informed civil society and to pave the way for a self-reliant future.”

Hope House

Hope House Hope House

Very happy to give to Hope House, a safe and inspiring house for young girls in India that was created after the brilliant documentary "Born into Brothels" a film by Ross Kauffman, ex. produced by Geralyn White Dreyfous & Pamela Tanner Boll - info on how to give at the link below. -t

"Girls born into Calcutta’s red-light district are at extreme risk for being forced into prostitution.  The Hope House (currently under construction) is a safe residence where families from the neighborhood can volunteer to have their daughters raised in a productive and fun environment."

find out more

The Contender Card Game

The Contender

Create your own smart and entertaining presidential debate with this "cards against humanity-esque" card game. -t
"In the grand tradition of presidential debates comes a social card game straight from the eagle’s beak of American democracy."

Truth Circle Card Game

The Truth Circle Game

This is a terrific way to unpack secrets inspired by the documentary film by Lacey Schwartz, "The Little White Lie." -t

"Think about the little white lie in your life, then play the game to break the cycle. We define a “little white lie” as something that everyone knows and nobody talks about, but can have potentially damaging consequences"

Mill Valley Walking Stick Company

Walking Sticks

In Japan, a forest bathing trip, called Shinrin, is a short, leisurely visit to a forest. 
I hope we all can take many forest baths this spring. -t

find out more

Rearview Mirror

"Time may change me, but I can't trace time."

                                                                                                                               -David Bowie 

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