Thoughts on Creativity:

Much of my work explores the topic of creativity and how it has shaped my filmmaking process. Exploring the interconnectivity of one’s ideas, and even fleshing out what ideas are, is vital to creativity, and I broke down the creative process into 10 “Acts” (see below for the short film).

Creativity is leaping on hunches and stepping away to gain a new perspective, taking notes and sharing them, inviting other viewpoints and people, and so much more. Creative constraints can even end up stimulating productivity, and the second film (also below), explores those obstacles and how to overcome them, stimulating ingenuity and making one’s project that much better. Creativity has been fueling human innovation since the dawn of time, and honing in on our creative thinking skills is honing in on humanity: evolving society towards the future and a more connected human experience.

Films on Creativity:

Watch my films from my AOL Original Series The Future Starts Here that talk more about this topic:

"The Creative Process in 10 Acts" (The Future Starts Here - Season 1)



"Creative Bondage" (The Future Starts Here - Season 2)


Articles on Creativity:



Here's What Tiffany Shlain uses to do her job



New online series investigates the science of creativity



What's Essential to Your Creative Process?



Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain talks cloudsourcing creativity



Creativity in the Cloud



The Creative Process of Filmmaking (Eps 13 & 14)


FullSizeRender.jpgCreative Inspiration:




"The Creative Process in 8 Stages" - by my sister Kimberly Brooks


 The_Creative_Habit_cover.png "The Creative Habit" by Twyla Tharp








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