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Surgeon, inventor, author, artist, student and teacher, Dr. Shlain defied easy categorization. He discouraged confined thinking, and studied, wrote and lectured about topics ranging from anthropology to linguistics to religion.

Along the way, he pioneered surgical techniques, designed houses and surgical tools and wrote books that won him fans as varied as former Vice President Al Gore and Icelandic singer Björk.

Screen_Shot_2014-04-07_at_10.13.33_AM.png "I'm a synthesizer," Dr. Shlain said in a 2008 interview with UC Berkeley's Conversations With History project. "We need to synthesize more the relationships between artists and scientists, and men and women." Read more here...

















Order his books:

LEONARD10-Screen-shot-2013-05-10-at-2.58.38-PM.png  LEONARD11-Screen-shot-2013-05-10-at-2.58.16-PM-500x755.png  LEONARD12-Screen-shot-2013-05-10-at-2.57.48-PM.png



On Writing, Editing & Publishing – Part 1


Zeitgeist: Art, Gender & Physics

The Big “O”


Sex, Time & Power

The Alphabet vs. The Goddess


Screenings & Events:

  • Environmental Highlight Film in the Rio de Jeneiro Film Festival
  • Yale Environmental Film Festival
  • Princeton Environmental Film Festival
  • PHP Summit: Personalized Health
  • Rock Health
  • Sustainable Leadership Program- Portland State University
  • Keynote at UCBerkeley: Living Consciously in a Connected World
  • IDEO
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • NASA IT Summit
  • McLuhan conference
  • Health 2.0 Annual Conference


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