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1000 copies of the film on DVD were purchased by the non-profit film organization, The Film in spring, 2004. The film was handed out at the Reproductive Rights march in Washington DC April. Following the book club, model, encouraged people to Take the March Home, by bringing the DVD home and holding screenings all across the country.

For the 30 year anniversary of Roe V. Wade in January 2003, we partnered with Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, (link to to have the film screen at over 25 Planned Parenthood Affiliates across the country simultaneously. Places included Alaska, 3 cities in Arizona, 5 citites in California, Florida, Georgia, Montana, Illinois Nebraska, NY, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, and 2 cities in Washington.


To jump into action:

1.  If you believe in this issue, please forward to your networks.

2.  Planned Parenthood has a great website to find out what you can do in your state and your area.

LLPHRES1-plannedparenthood2.jpgClick here for the Planned Parenthood Voter Guide.


Why I am Pro-Life” - The New York Times


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Planned Parenthood
Medical Students for Choice
National Abortion Federation
NARAL Pro-Choice America


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