“A superb pro-choice educational film,”

–Jane Ganahl, The San Francisco Chronicle

“There is nothing better than making your point with humor. Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness is a powerful and sobering film on choice, sprinkled with comic relief. A must see for any one interested in the status of women.”

–Senator Jackie Speier

“ …sly, tongue in check, funny, absurd, and incisive pastiche of video clips that ties many disparate elements into a well-developed narrative.”


–Helen McCullough, Educational Media Reviews online 

“A triumphant, remarkable , inspiring, radical and courageous piece of work.”

–Lynn Hershman, Artist & Filmmaker

“Life Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness is an incredible combination of wit and depth – an enlightening film that really brings the issue of choice home. It’s a cool short film that is very big picture.”

–Susie Tompkins Buell

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness strikes a compelling balance of being both thoughtful entertainment and effective education and is sure to provoke intelligent conversation in any audience.”

–Joel S. Bachar, Director Microcinema

“One of the all time best videos I have seen on a social issue. It is funny, whimsical, creative and very impactful in its message about reproductive choice. For those of you who are solidly pro-choice it will be a fun film to see, and you will feel pleased that a video has been created that has the potential of changing the views of those who are anti-choice.”

–Helynna Brooke, Women’s Leadership Alliance


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