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Tiffany has been doing the “Breakfast @ Tiffany’s” newsletter since 1998. Check out a sampling from the past 5 years here…

PAST1-Screen-Shot-2013-12-20-at-11.55.35-AM.png Winter 2013

PAST2-breakfast_fall2013.jpeg Fall 2013

PAST3-Screen-Shot-2013-06-17-at-3.43.44-PM2.png Summer 2013


PAST4-Screen-shot-2013-03-22-at-12.48.57-PM-300x195.png Spring 2013


PAST5-Screen-shot-2012-12-07-at-10.40.41-AM.png Winter 2012

PAST6-Breakfast_fall-2012-image-206x300.jpg Fall 2012

PAST7-jpeg-300x215.jpg Summer 2012

PAST8-Spring-2012.jpg Spring 2012

PAST9-feb-2012-300x168.jpg  February 2012

PAST10-winter-2011-300x222.png  Winter 2011/2012   

PAST11-summer-2011-300x208.png  Summer 2011

PAST12-spring-2011-300x188.jpg  Spring 2011

PAST14-fall-2010-300x168.jpg  Fall 2010

PAST15-summer-2010-300x218.jpg  Summer 2010

PAST16-spring-2010-300x120.jpg  Spring 2010

 PAST17-winter-20101.jpg  Winter 2009/2010                            

 PAST18-fall-20091.jpeg Fall 2009                                      


PAST20-spring-2009-300x123.jpg  Spring 2009

PAST21-winter-200820091-300x236.jpg  Winter 2008/09

PAST22-fall-2008-300x206.jpg  Fall 2008

PAST23-summer-2008-300x141.jpg  Summer 2008

PAST24-spring-2008-300x210.jpg  Spring 2008

PAST26-winter-20081-300x210.jpg  Winter 2007/08

PAST26-fall-2007-300x215.jpg  Fall 2007

PAST27-summer-2007-300x215.jpg  Summer 2007

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