Tiffany Shlain keynotes and lectures around the world at a wide range of events. If you’re interested in having Tiffany speak at your event, please contact Sawyer Steele at sawyer@letitripple.org.

Speaking Topics:

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Internet/Society & Technology

  • The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Understand About the Power of Technology
  • What Does it Mean to be “Connected” in the 21st Century?
  • How the Internet is Causing Us To Think More Interdependently
  • The Participatory Revolution: What Your Organization Needs to Understand
  • The Importance of Regularly Unplugging
  • How the Rules of the Film Industry are Being Rewritten by The Web
  • Digital DNA: Why Humans Need to Connect Online and How it’s Changing Us
  • Online Culture: The Attributes of a New Culture.
  • How The Web is Changing the Way We Work, Play, Love, Learn & Live
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 Tech Shabbats / Unplugging

  • What is a “Tech Shabbat?”
  • What Does it Mean to be Connected in the 21st Century, and What Does Day-of-Rest Mean?
  • Where is All This Technology and Connectedness Taking Us?
  • The Unexpected Benefits of Unplugging. 
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  • Making Things Happen: How to Use The Web, Moxie, and Creativity to Turn an Idea into Reality
  • Leading in a Connected World.
  • Shaping Social Change: How to Use The Web as a Vehicle
  • Social Change in Your Community, at Your School, for Your Cause
  • The Curvy Path of My Career: For this talk, Tiffany reviews her career and shows several award-winning short films, with two Sundance selections.

Filmmaking and Creativity

  • Cloud Filmmaking
  • The Creative Process
  • The Anatomy of a Film: Creating a Film Project
  • Self-Distributing Films Online
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Women in Society and Leadership

  • How The Web is Changing the Landscape for Filmmakers
  • Women & The Web: Technology’s Influence on the Way Women Lead, Mother, and Live
  • Motherhood in the 21st Century
  • Being a Jewish Woman in the 21st Century

Jewish Identity

  • American Jewish Identity in the 21st Century
  • Being a Jewish Woman in the 21st Century
  • The Tribe: A Case Study on the Film & Discussion Program and the Response 
Tiffany gave the Commencement Speech at her alma mater UC Berkeley in 2010


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