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Ep 1: Technology Shabbats

If you're interested in exploring more about Technology Shabbats, Tiffany has also written several pieces about the experience.

Ep 2: Motherhood Remixed

Ep 3: Tech Etiquette 

Check out some of the amusing outtakes of people's pet peeves.

Ep 4: Why We Love Robots 

Why We Love Robots was just honored with the "Best Educational Film" from the 2014 Robot Film Festival. You can check out more of Ken's work in robotics, art, and more at

Ep 5: The Participatory Revolution 

We first explored the idea of The Participatory Revolution in our feature film Connected.

Ep 6: The Creative Process 

The Creative Process episode was inspired by a piece my artist and writer sister Kimberly Brooks wrote in The Huffington Post called The 8 stages of The Creative Process. I love it, have highlighted it in my newsletter, and have referenced it in exploring my own creative process.  Another one of my favorite writers on the topic is Twyla Tharp, whose book The Creative Habit was a great inspiration for me. I read it when it first came out and again recently. For daily inspiration, Brain Pickings by Maria Popova is divine.

 Ep 7: Idea Porn

Watch more behind the scenes of the transatlantic brainstorm in the sky on this short clip "Ungrounded."

Ep 8: A Case for Optimism 

Watch Season 2 Here


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