Tiffany Shlain’s new film looks at being a mensch




Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain wants people to ponder what it takes to be a mensch.

So on Sept. 18, her new short film, “The Making of a Mensch,” will be a large part of the second annual Character Day — a day that aims to get people talking about how to be the best versions of themselves.

Character Day was created last year by Shlain’s S.F.-based nonprofit, Let it Ripple, and it quickly gained traction, with some 1,500 schools and organizations around the world participating. This year, the response has been even greater, with more than 5,500 entities — from classrooms to synagogues to families — signed up to show a short film and lead conversations about shaping personal character. Let it Ripple provides the films along with discussion materials and other resources.