Can cultivating character restore us to sanity?

Can cultivating character restore us to sanity?



As we absorb the disturbing news these days, it’s becoming so clear that it’s time to recalibrate and revisit some fundamental questions that humans have been asking since the beginning of time: what kind of people do we want to be? What values do we want to bring to the world — as individuals and as a society? How do we ensure that what we are putting out reflects the best outcomes not just for us but for the world as a whole? How can we be good, and do good, in this new environment? The Web has made collaboration possible on a universal scale. Never has it been more important to focus on team cooperation, and connection, stress management, mindful leadership, and developing emotional intelligence.

Whether we’re talking about company and corporate values, neuroscience, politics, social and emotional learning, our constant “busyness”, psychology, or mindfulness, at the core we’re really talking about the same thing: strengthening our character.