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Lost In Translation

BY ERIN CLARE Lost In Translation

Hashtag #CharacterDay2016, and Why You Should Use It on September 22nd

When I looked for inspiring quotes about the concept of character, I realized that nearly everyone and anyone who has […]

Can a Woman Be a Mensch?

What does the word “mensch” really mean? Of course, everyone knows its connotations of decency, kindness and humility; these are […]

The Kibitz Podcast: Episode 12: Education

 The Kibitz Podcast: Episode 12: Education Listen Here 

Building mensches one Character Day at a time

Exciting Mensch News About Character Day Last year, Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper sat in on a third-grade morning meeting at […]

Character Day sparks a global conversation about how to be a mensch in The Connecticut Jewish Ledger

  In just a month’s time, hundreds of thousands of people around the world will mark the third annual Character […]

Registration open for Character Day in the Sun Sentiel

  Character Day 2016 is coming up on Sept. 22 and South Florida Jewish organizations have already signed up for […]

Film explores attributes of a mensch

    What’s your definition of a mensch? This question is the basis for a new film by Emmy-nominated filmmaker […]

Character Day 2016 Expected to Impact Millions in Global Conversation – San Diego Jewish Journal

Last year’s second annual Character Day was hailed as a success. The nonprofit Let it Ripple, which uses film and […]

Character Day 2016 poised to reach millions in global conversation