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Michael Krasny interviews Tiffany Shlain about the global push for World-Wide Gender Equity and the 50/50 movement. Listen Here 

Forbes Podcast Interview with Tiffany Shlain

Listen to Podcast Here

The What – Friend of the Week – Tiffany Shlain

We met Tiffany back in the aughts when she helmed her first venture the Webby Awards, which the New York […]

Breakfast @ Tiffany’s Fall 2016 Newsletter

I’m happy we’ve made it to the middle of fall, which means the end of this election is in sight. […]

Hashtag #CharacterDay2016, and Why You Should Use It on September 22nd

When I looked for inspiring quotes about the concept of character, I realized that nearly everyone and anyone who has […]

Can a Woman Be a Mensch?

What does the word “mensch” really mean? Of course, everyone knows its connotations of decency, kindness and humility; these are […]

Can cultivating character restore us to sanity?

Can cultivating character restore us to sanity? As we absorb the disturbing news these days, it’s becoming so clear that […]

Celebrating Character Day with Tiffany Shlain

Listen Here      

The Kibitz Podcast: Episode 12: Education

 The Kibitz Podcast: Episode 12: Education Listen Here 

Building mensches one Character Day at a time

Exciting Mensch News About Character Day Last year, Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper sat in on a third-grade morning meeting at […]